Fresh Merch!

I have had some new merchandise done up for upcoming tour dates.
There's been a lot of online interest in the T-Shirts so I've listed them online to buy too!

I have to give a huge shout out to Robbie Jones for coming up with two incredible designs and for being such a dude with my demands. Seriously check his work out!

Also to Steve at  Monster Screen Prints for doing a great job on the prints and turning them around so quickly, for being just around the corner and for all the gross zombie heads in cabinets you have on display!

So I'll have these with me from now on at shows! Feel free to come and buy some from me and have a chat..
Alternatively, if you're no good at chatting and socially impaired (like me) then you can buy one online here;

Thanks in advance and see you on the road!

 Order 'Northern Town' iTunes

Order 'Northern Town' iTunes