The time is here and even I'm a little behind! Things have been a little hectic up to the run up of the Northern Town release.
I had a great show on Friday opening for my good friends in Talon at The Robin 2 in Bilston. Thanks for having me out and to such a great crowd, the ambience in the room was fantastic!

Well, Northern Town is now available everywhere for download. Thanks to Gold Ship Records and to everyone who has helped along the way to make it possible to get out.

Here's what folks are saying so far;

"Listening to him sing it’s hard to believe he hails from Nottingham. He’s certainly travelled around a fair bit, something that, in his case, has been great fuel for his songs. His lyrics are soulful and poetic and they have that personal connection you’d normally attribute to a storyteller, and he delivers it all with grace." - Folk Radio UK

producing real, soulful country music. If this record is a sign of things to come, we have a great new talent here who deserves recognition." - Your Life In a Song

Lonesome Level Crossing has a sweet melancholy ‘swing’ to it and Whittemore’s way with descriptive words are as clever as anything I’ve heard out of Nashville or Austin in the last year." - Rocking Magpie

These are just a few kind words being said about the new record which I am extremely pleased and proud to finally put out. As I've previously mentioned, it has truly been a labour of love.

You can download Northern Town NOW on iTunes.

You can also Stream on Spotify.
CD's will be available on the upcoming Summer UK tour.

July Tour News

I will be doing a short tour run down to the south and back in July!  

Thoroughly looking forward to promoting 'Northern Town' on this tour and even more excited to be bringing the band along for a couple of the dates! 

We will have physical copies of the new CD aswell as fresh Merch, so please help to keep us on the road by buying some!

Thrilled to be opening a show for Sam Outlaw on his 2nd UK tour. Aswell as heading back to The Hut in Corby with Daniel Meade

I will be hitting; 

3rd July, The Hut - Corby w/ Daniel Meade

4th July, The Gladstone - London

5th July, Union at The Con Club - Lewes W/ Sam Outlaw

7th July, The Musician - Leicester W/ The Kirkland Turn

More dates to be announced soon. Watch this space!


Fresh Merch!

I have had some new merchandise done up for upcoming tour dates.
There's been a lot of online interest in the T-Shirts so I've listed them online to buy too!

I have to give a huge shout out to Robbie Jones for coming up with two incredible designs and for being such a dude with my demands. Seriously check his work out!

Also to Steve at  Monster Screen Prints for doing a great job on the prints and turning them around so quickly, for being just around the corner and for all the gross zombie heads in cabinets you have on display!

So I'll have these with me from now on at shows! Feel free to come and buy some from me and have a chat..
Alternatively, if you're no good at chatting and socially impaired (like me) then you can buy one online here;

Thanks in advance and see you on the road!

Order 'Northern Town' iTunes

Order 'Northern Town' iTunes

Preorder 'Northern Town'

Well, it seems like I've been saying that this new record is coming out soon for a long, long time! I have and I apologise!  

But I can now confirm that  'Northern Town' will be released on 10th June. 

We'll be running an iTunes exclusive preorder beforehand, more details to come on that. 

I'm super excited to finally be able to get these songs out!  

I'll be releasing a handful of show dates to coincide with the new release so keep an eye out for me passing through your town.  

Thanks again! 



Well, the past year has been a series of decisions, a huge learning curve and some exciting new beginnings.
As many will know, I have been working on my debut release, a collection of songs that I have struggled with, nurtured and have seen grow in to something I never before imagined. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome and very excited to be able to share it with you.
I've been lucky to work with some great musicians on this record which in turn has pushed me to strive for better performances and to write better songs.

The whole process, start to finish has been a labour of love, yes there have been times that I wanted to scrap it all and give up on the whole thing, but when you're writing, recording, engineering and producing a record of your own, it can have this effect! 
Though I can say, I'm pleased that trusted my gut, kept on going and now we've finally reached the end OR just the beginning depending on how you look at it.

I have to say the guys at Gold Ship Records have been super supportive with my decisions and I'm really grateful to be part of the family! Things are really only just getting started! 
We finally have set an official release date for 'Northern Town' and you guys will be able to pre-order via iTunes very, very soon!

In the mean time, you can catch me on the road.
Looking forward to meeting you folks out there!