UK Based Musician, Luke Whittemore


“One voice plus one guitar makes a very powerful sound.” – Rocking Magpie

"Northern Town is a fully realised debut, striking in its assurance and it certainly signposts Mr. Whittemore as someone to watch out for." - Blabber 'n' Smoke

Listening to him sing it’s hard to believe he hails from Nottingham. He’s certainly travelled around a fair bit, something that, in his case, has been great fuel for his songs. His lyrics are soulful and poetic and they have that personal connection you’d normally attribute to a storyteller, and he delivers it all with grace." - Folk Radio UK

"What he is, is a huge new talent who whatever label we want to affix has a feel for open ended country music without actually resorting to being a copyist, having his own distinctive style that should appeal to fans of just about any sub genre within the wide ranging boundaries of country music." - American Roots UK