UK Based Americana Folk Artist, Luke Whittemore


“One voice plus one guitar makes a very powerful sound.” – Rocking Magpie

Luke Whittemore is a songwriter from Nottinghamshire, England with eyes and ears buried deep the rich western soil of USA. 
With this record, Luke’s ‘Debut’, he claims to have found his feet musically and with what he is trying to say. There’s this dull ringing of sheer honesty, be it in code but also you can sense the conviction in which he speaks. 
Luke has the ability to twist in tales of the past and mixing them with his own experience of half a life’s worth of stories to tell.  
This record was a ‘labour of love’ for Luke with times of desperation and times of complete elation, a thing all too common when writing, producing and engineering your own record. Thankfully the latter came off in this case and the record was finished with pleasing results. On ‘Northern Town’ Luke completes a collection of songs that he has been carrying around with him over the past few years, carefully crafting them from Solo acoustic performances to full band arrangements whilst attempting to keep a sense of intimacy and space and by capturing the influences from Country & Western traditions to Southern soul and 70’s west coast vibe. ‘Northern Town’ is due for worldwide release on 10th June 2016 on Gold Ship Records based in Bristol, Tennessee.

"Northern Town is a fully realised debut, striking in its assurance and it certainly signposts Mr. Whittemore as someone to watch out for." - Blabber 'n' Smoke

Listening to him sing it’s hard to believe he hails from Nottingham. He’s certainly travelled around a fair bit, something that, in his case, has been great fuel for his songs. His lyrics are soulful and poetic and they have that personal connection you’d normally attribute to a storyteller, and he delivers it all with grace." - Folk Radio UK

"What he is, is a huge new talent who whatever label we want to affix has a feel for open ended country music without actually resorting to being a copyist, having his own distinctive style that should appeal to fans of just about any sub genre within the wide ranging boundaries of country music." - American Roots UK